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An affordable and cost-effective solution to living / working can maximise your extra space without the need to apply for planning permission to your property. Our pods are delivered fully assembled and can be furnished to your requirements. We work on creating your pod in an off - site location meaning that there will be minimum disruption to your existing property or living space.

How are we different?

Materials in modular constructions

The individual modular structures consist of a light and the durable wooden structure consisting of a set of supporting columns, beams, lintels and ribs. All walls, ceilings and floors have very effective materials for thermal, acoustic and damp insulation. Each material element is precisely prepared in factory conditions by our experienced specialists. The cross-sections of the structure and its density are selected depending on the type of building and the requirements that must be met by modules on a given construction site, environmental requirements, functionality, legal standards, requirements for meeting transport conditions and many others.

  • Internal part cladding made of natural materials. Highest quality.
  • External part durable facade cladding made of natural materials or plastic.
  • Construction and insulation part elements of
Floor and ceiling
Interior walls
Exterior walls

Complete turnkey projects. Save time on planning permission

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We create unique living pods for several different uses. Making use of your space we specialise in units that are suitable to fit in even the smallest of areas. All units are bespoke built and come fully equipped for your specific needs.

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